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Shyness Quotes

October 14th, 2012 No comments

Shyness Quotes Reading

By : Max Kalalo

shyness quotes

shyness quotes

Instead of comprehending long, boring scientific journals on shyness problems, some people enjoy looking through shyness quotes. Quotes are short to skim, saving people from getting bored with studying serious psychological articles. Unfortunately, anyone out there could write their own version of quotes on shyness, which generally comes from their personal experience and perspective. Still, quotes from reputable experts are available too, setting off the trashy quotes.

Being Shy In Proportion

Apart from the quality of quotes talking about shyness, feeling shy occasionally is normal, really. However, some people feel shy almost most of their times. Not only adult, lots of  kids also experience what we call shyness in children. The feeling, in fact, prevents these people from reaching out how they feel to specialists. Here is how someone felt about his or her shy feeling, back then:

“I stocked up wrong images in my head, sat myself before them, and did not have the guts to call for the truth. I was in my web of reserve and shyness.”

It takes time and courage, indeed, to deal with shyness, in any forms of its presence. Somehow, shyness has anything to do with self-esteem and confidence, as some people share their quotes here.

  • “Our feelings and thoughts about ourselves and our self-esteem influence our shyness.”
  • “When a child grows with encouragement, he or she learns confidence.”

Bye-Bye Shyness

Shyness is just a natural feeling every single person on earth is familiar with. As a quote says, shyness is an inborn modesty that is supposed to help everybody live with each other in harmony. Therefore, denying the feeling is not a good idea since people could be bluntly rude and shameless to each other. Now, it is important to switch the perspective that shyness should not be something holding back a person from his or her achievement. All everyone needs to do is set the feeling aside, let the perspiration and pride come first. Stemming from the understanding that shyness is related to self-esteem and confidence, it is important for everyone to have a good picture on his or her own self-image. Of course, no one could change the unfortunate childhood environment, when encouragement was less available, but it never be too late to build a good self-image. In addition to setting aside the shy feeling, someone needs to change his or her way of thinking. Only then, he or she could do something, such as greet, smile, make small talks, give compliments, etc. Anyway, shyness is not something too big and complicated to deal with.

Thinking about  how to deal with social anxiety, here are several quotes on what people think about shyness.

  • “Shyness is just the outcome of inferiority. I never want to offend, just my own natural awkwardness keeps me back. If only I could tell myself that all my manners are graceful and perfectly easy, I do not need to be shy.”
  • “She wishes she had all the guts, coming closer to him to say hello, or perhaps breaking his legs. She is just not sure which.”
  • “Sometimes people confuse with shyness or coldness, silence or indifference.”
  • “Shy people notice everything around, but they do not actually get noticed.” Hence, stop unnecessarily skimming on shyness quotes right now, flow out instead, okay?

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Shyness In Children

September 13th, 2012 No comments

Shyness In Children And Some Strategies To Help Them Cope With It

By : Max Kalalo

shyness in children

shyness in children

Shyness in children has become the main problem faced by most parents. If you have shy children, you may also be confused. You shall help them on how to get over shyness. You may have searched aids to overcome the shy problem. However, you may find that none of the aids have worked. If you have to deal with such problem, you do not have to discourage. There are many things that you can try to overcome the problem. Find the tips and strategies from those who have the same experience. You can also find help from professionals whenever you find difficulty in overcoming the problem. However, the best thing you can do is try to get over by approaching your children and share together about their problem. You have to find out the cause first.

Finding Out the Cause

Finding the cause of shyness in children is not a difficult thing to do. You can always keep an eye on your children and examine their mood changes. Shy child may feel insecure when they are in new environment or when they have to get along with their friends. You can also list the possible cause that your children may face. For example, is the shyness caused by genetics? Personality? Learned behavior? Family relationship or others? Never forget that family or environment has a big effect on the way they behave. Your child emotion development is badly affected by the environment where they live. Otherwise, the way you treat your child may also affect their emotion. That is why, think about this carefully. More important, never blame your child for their shyness. Furthermore, don’t push your children too much. The more you push them to be more confident, the more they will retreat. Indeed, treat them gently and encourage them step by step.

Parents’ Strategies

If you have found out the main cause for your shy children characteristic, you can now set some strategies to help them on how to overcome shyness. Help them manage their shyness. You can do things as follows:

  • Do the same strategies as those who have some experience in handling shyness?
  • Encourage your child by telling that they are special and have a certain gift other may not have.
  • Give a compliment for every step or achievement they have reached.
  • Take your child into a new situation or into public.
  • Accompany in doing their activities and praise for every good deed they have done.

By doing this, your child will feel comfortable with themselves. Then, they can automatically build their confidence step by step.

Professional Help

If none of your strategies works, it’s time for you to find some professional help. You can consult them about your shyness children and what you should do to help them build their confidence. You can also take your child to a counselor or psychologist. You can ask them to treat your children. The professionals may do several treatments, including stress management, counseling, relaxation technique and social skills learning. Shyness in children should be managed by the right person if you have no more idea to cope with your children’s problem.

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