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Introvert VS Extrovert

February 25th, 2013 No comments

Introvert VS Extrovert Different Characteristics

By : Max Kalalo

introvert vs extrovert

introvert vs extrovert

There have been many studies about introvert vs extrovert personality. The studies show that the two personalities have various differences. Someone with introvert personality acts differently from those with extrovert personality. Further studies show that persons with the two personalities have different brain structures. The brain structures show different aspect of personalities between the two different persons. Introvert and extrovert persons are opposite preferences. A person’s with stronger introvert preference will be introverted and vice versa. That is why, an introvert person will have their own characteristic, and so will the extrovert one. The two characteristics are very different and show an opposite.

Introvert Person’s Characteristics

As previously mentioned, introvert vs extrovert personality is very different. An introvert person tends to focus on and enjoy the world inside him or herself. An introvert person is usually peaceful, quiet and deliberate. He or she is not interested in having social interactions either. He or she will enjoy activities which he or she can do alone without involving anyone, such as writing, thinking, reading or inventing. He or she finds social interactions draining. Here are her or his characteristics:

•             Private

•             Keeps to self

•             Internally aware

•             Fewer friends

•             Independent

•             Enjoys solitude

•             Thinks before speaking

Extrovert Person’s Characteristics

Unlike an introvert person, an extrovert person shows opposite characteristics. He or she tends to focus on and enjoy the world outside him or herself. An extrovert person is usually verbal, enthusiastic, animated and assertive. He or she enjoys social interactions as well. He or she will enjoy mostly social gatherings, such as group activities or big parties. He or she enjoys spending much time with his or her friends and will feel energized by doing social interactions. Here are an extrovert person’s characteristics:

•             Gregarious

•             Talkative

•             Has many friends

•             Expressive & enthusiastic

•             Distractible

•             Easy to approach

Who Will be Successful?

There are no exact answers to this question. An introvert person always sees an extrovert one as bossy and overbearing. On the other hand, an extrovert person sees an introvert one as shy or stuck up. In fact, shyness and introvert are quite different. An introvert person don’t really like social stimulation, while a shy person really needs social interaction but he or she is afraid of being rejected or got criticized. However, sometimes a person can be both shy and introvert. Then, who will be successful in life? Some researches show that an introvert and extrovert team will result in the best and powerful team. A team with two personalities join together will be the most successful team. For example, Steve jobs with his extrovert characteristics successfully co-found Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniac who is an introvert one.

Who is Happier?

This is a difficult question to answer. This is because the measure of happiness is different from person to person. An extrovert person feels happy when they are with his or her group of friends and do social activities. On the other hand, an introvert person feels happy when he or she is alone and does something what he or she likes such as reading or thinking. This indicates that the keys towards happiness lie in having self-acceptance, a life purpose and a social network supporter. With these keys, both introvert vs extrovert personalities can build their own happiness. Furthermore, for your reference, you can read my post about  how to get over shyness and also how to overcome shyness.

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