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Introvert VS Extrovert

February 25th, 2013 No comments

Introvert VS Extrovert Different Characteristics

By : Max Kalalo

introvert vs extrovert

introvert vs extrovert

There have been many studies about introvert vs extrovert personality. The studies show that the two personalities have various differences. Someone with introvert personality acts differently from those with extrovert personality. Further studies show that persons with the two personalities have different brain structures. The brain structures show different aspect of personalities between the two different persons. Introvert and extrovert persons are opposite preferences. A person’s with stronger introvert preference will be introverted and vice versa. That is why, an introvert person will have their own characteristic, and so will the extrovert one. The two characteristics are very different and show an opposite.

Introvert Person’s Characteristics

As previously mentioned, introvert vs extrovert personality is very different. An introvert person tends to focus on and enjoy the world inside him or herself. An introvert person is usually peaceful, quiet and deliberate. He or she is not interested in having social interactions either. He or she will enjoy activities which he or she can do alone without involving anyone, such as writing, thinking, reading or inventing. He or she finds social interactions draining. Here are her or his characteristics:

•             Private

•             Keeps to self

•             Internally aware

•             Fewer friends

•             Independent

•             Enjoys solitude

•             Thinks before speaking

Extrovert Person’s Characteristics

Unlike an introvert person, an extrovert person shows opposite characteristics. He or she tends to focus on and enjoy the world outside him or herself. An extrovert person is usually verbal, enthusiastic, animated and assertive. He or she enjoys social interactions as well. He or she will enjoy mostly social gatherings, such as group activities or big parties. He or she enjoys spending much time with his or her friends and will feel energized by doing social interactions. Here are an extrovert person’s characteristics:

•             Gregarious

•             Talkative

•             Has many friends

•             Expressive & enthusiastic

•             Distractible

•             Easy to approach

Who Will be Successful?

There are no exact answers to this question. An introvert person always sees an extrovert one as bossy and overbearing. On the other hand, an extrovert person sees an introvert one as shy or stuck up. In fact, shyness and introvert are quite different. An introvert person don’t really like social stimulation, while a shy person really needs social interaction but he or she is afraid of being rejected or got criticized. However, sometimes a person can be both shy and introvert. Then, who will be successful in life? Some researches show that an introvert and extrovert team will result in the best and powerful team. A team with two personalities join together will be the most successful team. For example, Steve jobs with his extrovert characteristics successfully co-found Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniac who is an introvert one.

Who is Happier?

This is a difficult question to answer. This is because the measure of happiness is different from person to person. An extrovert person feels happy when they are with his or her group of friends and do social activities. On the other hand, an introvert person feels happy when he or she is alone and does something what he or she likes such as reading or thinking. This indicates that the keys towards happiness lie in having self-acceptance, a life purpose and a social network supporter. With these keys, both introvert vs extrovert personalities can build their own happiness. Furthermore, for your reference, you can read my post about  how to get over shyness and also how to overcome shyness.

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Introvert Personality

January 24th, 2013 No comments

What Is Introvert Personality

By : Max Kalalo

introvert personality

introvert personality

Introvert personality is a kind of personality which shows that someone attention focus on their own world or inner mine mind mentality than on the external world or reality. According to the book The Introvert Advantage written by Dr Marti Olsen Laney, a psychotherapist, this mental disorder can happen to 25 percents of population. It means that its possibility is quite high and it can attack anybody. So by understanding about this, someone can learn on how to treat it better so it can be cured. Commonly it is identified by the close personality and those who suffered from it will enjoy their own world.

Do You Have Introvert Personality?

We are born with different and unique characteristic. If you want to know much and deeply about yourself, you have to know yourself well like your drives as well as your inhibitions. You can do this process through the introspection. You know conducting introspection is very difficult to do since it needs discipline to take care of the inherent reticence of your mind. If you like to sit quietly than go out to socialize and if you have less deep relationship, it can show that you may get or you may have the introvert personality.

As individual, you are unique. You were born to play your own role. Even you exist in the world is due to the unique job you need to do. If you have these below conditions:

  • Whether you are short or tall
  • Thin or fat
  • Dark or light skinned
  • Extrovert or introvert

You will be still special and you are deserved to get self appreciation as well as love. If you live in the society which most of them are extrovert, the extrovert personality will be more appreciated. You need to know that actually introvert personality is not a kind of disorder or disease. Even it can be better if the one who has it may have the religious personality.

Proper Place For Introvert Personality

Actually the ones with this kind of personality can live normally if the environment where they live can accept them. With supporting environment they can get their own life style and choose the way for their own live. They will know themselves especially their talent like the skill of painting, writing, finance, business, and many more which can be developed to be their professions which will be very useful in their life. In simple words, people with introvert personality can survive in their life with their all characteristics.

Even though it is often said that people with this kind of personality will be shy, awkward, and lonely, actually they have the power to make relationship with somebody else who according to them special. They will give their time and their affection totally. If you have a friend with introvert personality, it means that you have something precious which can make them interested.

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Shyness In Children

September 13th, 2012 No comments

Shyness In Children And Some Strategies To Help Them Cope With It

By : Max Kalalo

shyness in children

shyness in children

Shyness in children has become the main problem faced by most parents. If you have shy children, you may also be confused. You shall help them on how to get over shyness. You may have searched aids to overcome the shy problem. However, you may find that none of the aids have worked. If you have to deal with such problem, you do not have to discourage. There are many things that you can try to overcome the problem. Find the tips and strategies from those who have the same experience. You can also find help from professionals whenever you find difficulty in overcoming the problem. However, the best thing you can do is try to get over by approaching your children and share together about their problem. You have to find out the cause first.

Finding Out the Cause

Finding the cause of shyness in children is not a difficult thing to do. You can always keep an eye on your children and examine their mood changes. Shy child may feel insecure when they are in new environment or when they have to get along with their friends. You can also list the possible cause that your children may face. For example, is the shyness caused by genetics? Personality? Learned behavior? Family relationship or others? Never forget that family or environment has a big effect on the way they behave. Your child emotion development is badly affected by the environment where they live. Otherwise, the way you treat your child may also affect their emotion. That is why, think about this carefully. More important, never blame your child for their shyness. Furthermore, don’t push your children too much. The more you push them to be more confident, the more they will retreat. Indeed, treat them gently and encourage them step by step.

Parents’ Strategies

If you have found out the main cause for your shy children characteristic, you can now set some strategies to help them on how to overcome shyness. Help them manage their shyness. You can do things as follows:

  • Do the same strategies as those who have some experience in handling shyness?
  • Encourage your child by telling that they are special and have a certain gift other may not have.
  • Give a compliment for every step or achievement they have reached.
  • Take your child into a new situation or into public.
  • Accompany in doing their activities and praise for every good deed they have done.

By doing this, your child will feel comfortable with themselves. Then, they can automatically build their confidence step by step.

Professional Help

If none of your strategies works, it’s time for you to find some professional help. You can consult them about your shyness children and what you should do to help them build their confidence. You can also take your child to a counselor or psychologist. You can ask them to treat your children. The professionals may do several treatments, including stress management, counseling, relaxation technique and social skills learning. Shyness in children should be managed by the right person if you have no more idea to cope with your children’s problem.

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How To Gain Confidence

September 2nd, 2011 No comments

How To Gain Confidence To Increase Your Self Esteem

By : Max Kalalo

Has somebody asked you : how to overcome shyness ? Most of the people must be interested to be considered as the important person. Thus, they need to be confident in doing every single job in front t of them. They have to possess the high level of confidence during their life. There are so many people who still got difficulty in knowing about how to gain confidence. Actually, there are bundles of methods that can be applied on gaining self-confidence  easily. Most of the people believe that they need to know the steps of gaining self-confidence by doing the great job.

There are several things that people can do in order to get the best solution about overcoming shyness. The first solution that can be applied in getting the solution to increase self-confidence is by developing yourself. Everyone is precious. Thus, everyone should realize that is the important person. They should be able in being the best in every single condition of their life. The second way that can be used as the way to know about how to gain confidence is by testing yourself. It is effective in order to know about the level of your beliefs.

You should realize that everyone needs to be honored, that is why we have to honor everyone. In order to know the solution to trust yourself and have more self-esteem,  we should look after ourselves on the first beginning. Most of the people still question about how to gain confidence. If they still get difficulty in knowing about the way to increase your self esteem, they can ask the help of other’s friends surrounding them. There must be so many benefits that people will get by being confident. There is no need to desperate and also to give up. People have realized that each person must have their own capability in dealing with some cases.

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How To Not Be Shy

August 26th, 2011 No comments

What You Should Understand About How To Not Be Shy

By : Max Kalalo

There are many problems that are faced by people in facing their social life. For example: how to overcome shyness. Because shyness is one of the serious problems faced by people, especially by young people. It is more serious about young people because it is their time to make as many friends as possible when they are in school and have to face the same thing every day. When a kid becomes really shy, she or he will be shut down to the social life. The level of this shutting down can be various. And this can be really depressing. Sometimes shy people will hold it back to themselves. And when young people can have many problems in their life, they will need some friends to share. That is why it is important to know how to not be shy.

It is so that they can have a real social life. The existence of social media in the internet somehow makes this problem seem harder. It is because people who do not really have real life will run to it when they should have the real relationship with people. To help them to get out of their shyness, people should know how to not be shy. And before they do that, they will need to understand what makes them feel shy. The most common thing is that they are having a weak image about themselves. They think that they are, to put it harsh, a loser. The second, they think that people concern too much about themselves. They think that people observe them so much. The third is that they admit that they are shy, and they get use to it.

The first step to overcome this shyness is by trying to love them. They should know that they are amazing in a different way. They should also understand that no one really pay attention to everything they do because everyone seems to have their own occupation on themselves. By knowing how to not be shy, people can learn to enjoy their own self. So, why so worry on what people think about you?

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