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Ways To Overcome Shyness

September 26th, 2014 No comments

Are There Any Proven Ways To Overcome Shyness ?

By : Max Kalalo

Well, what I really want to discuss in this article is about several ways to overcome shyness. Some people have the problems in conducting social activity because of their shyness. In this case, what they need to pay attention mostly is about how to deal with such shyness. There are some methods to pay attention indeed. First thing is to understand your shyness. Any of you who want to deal with the shyness; the most important thing is to understand the shyness itself. It means you need to recognize the most about the triggers of your shyness. The shyness should be overcome by the roots of it indeed.

Next ways on how to get over shyness is to look for the way you look for the self consciousness into the self awareness. In this case, what you need to pay attention the most is about how to recognize the fact that the world has no attention in you. The shyness often occurs because you often suffer from over reaction to the world’s attention. In this case, you need to seek for the self awareness of the way you deal with shyness. You can also change your ways of living to. It means you need to increase your life to be improved more and more.

Next cure social anxiety disorder is to find your strengths. It is true that the problem of shy people is their lack of confidence especially about their lack of strengths. You need to find your unique qualities or also the efforts in how to deal with the problem. It is important to make sure that you need to express yourself about how to overcome shyness. It means you need to develop your hobby in how to look for the best quality confidence to deal with your shyness. The problem is that your shyness is related to your misunderstanding of your strengths.

Next method or ways to overcome shyness is to try to like you. It means you need to understand further about how to appreciate yourself. It is the unique expression for any of you to pay attention about indeed. By liking yourself, you can develop your confidence actually. Next idea to overcome your shyness is by avoiding conformation. It means you need to know how to become positive people. Next, you need to focus on other people instead of yourself.  By focusing to others, you can deal with your shyness.


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Cure Social Anxiety Disorder

August 25th, 2014 No comments

How To Cure Social Anxiety Disorder

By : Max Kalalo

What becomes some people’s problem nowadays is the social anxiety disorder. In how to look for the methods to cure social anxiety disorder, you can take benefits from this article actually. It is true that social anxiety disorder is very troublesome problem. Well, you need to do efforts in how to be able to get the activities in how to deal with the problem. There have been many cures to get over the problem the most actually. The most effective method actually is by targeting the symptoms in efficient efforts. It will help you to learn about the way to get the right treatments of it.

The question is about the difference of shyness and also social anxiety disorder. Well, there are many people who have the problem in understanding about such differences. In this case, you need to understand mostly about the way to deal with both problems in different methods too. In this case, you can overcome the problems by using different methods too. The best method is to do anxiety test. The purpose is to make sure that you look for the proper treatment on how to get over shyness. The better you aim for the problem is the better for the result of treatment.

Thinking about how to get over shyness, you need to get effective too in combating the SAD or social anxiety disorder. Usually, people may look for the cognitive behavior therapy. It is the effective method in how to combat for SAD. Although it is too expensive for people to do treatment, you can take benefit the most about how to make sure that you get the best result indeed. It can be applied mostly for the way to deal with the problem. The way you cure the SAD will be determined mostly to the options of treatment.

Next thing you should do on what helps anxiety is by looking for the commitment first. In this case, you should avoid any efforts first before you have the commitment in doing so. This SAD problem is so much troublesome for many people. In this case, you need to get good commitment in doing so. Well, the way you look for the cure social anxiety disorder can be obtained by the help from professionals too. There have been many different professionals to help you with such SAD problem. What you should do is to choose the one providing you with the best result the most.


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What Helps Anxiety

July 27th, 2014 No comments

Live Well Without Anxiety : What Helps Anxiety ?

By : Max Kalalo

Nervousness, stress and anxiety are something that you can’t avoid when you are dealing with your work, personal relationships and other daily activities. Although it is unavoidable, it does not mean it cannot be reduce. Read more to find out what is anxiety and what helps anxiety to reduce in this article.

Anxiety Problem

Anxiety is a natural feeling when we are faced with new challenge or unpredictable events. In normal cases, anxiety actually helps us to realize danger and makes us more sensitive in other people’s feeling and needs. People with anxiety are not considered having mental illness, unless their level of anxiety is extreme. Extreme level of anxiety can lead to other mental disorders such as social phobia, paranoia or schizophrenia. For further tips , you can read my articles shyness and love and how to get over shyness for your refference.

Anxiety problem usually occurs to people with perfectionist personality. Perfectionism demands someone to control and do everything perfectly. For those people, 100 mean success while 99 means failure. If there are things that are uncontrollable, they will feel anxious and stressed out. People with anxiety problem are encouraged to ask for professional helps because they need to realize that you can’t control life.

How to Reduce Anxiety

Severe anxiety is not healthy for your psychological state and is not easy to cure. However, a normal anxiety is much easier to deal with. Knowing what helps anxiety to reduce is the solution. Here are some simple steps to cope with anxiety.

  • Sweat it out

Exercise is a healthy way to relieve anxiety. You can do any sport your like, swimming, basketball, biking, running, it doesn’t matter. Exercise release natural antidepressant that will definitely boost your mood.

  • Watch movies

Psychologists believe that we can practice mindfulness and reduce our anxiety by distracting our thought. The best way to distract your mind from negative imagination is by watching movies. So, enjoy your favorite movie and forget your problems for a while.

  • Exaggerate your greatest fear

Although it sounds ridiculous, it actually helps! What helps anxiety to develop is actually the cure itself. Talk to your best friend and tell your greatest fear in the most exaggerated way. Repeat it for three or four times and you will find the more you tell it, the more funny it sounds. The result is you will laugh your fear off and forget about it.

  • Eat mood boosting foods

To get you back your good mood, try to eat more nuts, milk, yogurt, tart cherries, berries and broth soups. These foods are proved to help you to forget your anxiety and be happy. Ice cream with berries is our recommendation.


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Shyness And Love

June 28th, 2014 No comments

Shyness And Love : How Can Shy People Be A Good Lover

By : Max Kalalo

Any people I believe have often suffered from shyness within their activities. There are more and more people who need to recognize the most about in how to cope with such problem of shyness. How to be a good lover if you are a shy people ? In this case, what you need to do the most is about how to find the best cure of shyness. It is important if you want to avoid of life problems. Therefore, what I really want to recommend for any of you is to understand first in the first time why you may suffer from shyness. This problem is significantly bad if you don’t know how to get over shyness sooner. You will always ask yourself : how can I attract that girl ? Being a shy man can be a big problem when you want to date a girl.

What you can do is to look for the trigger of your shyness. Usually, people fail to recognize about it so they don’t know what to do about their problem. Basically, shyness and love can be your basic trigger of major social problems. By understanding the trigger, you can really know how to cope with such problem efficiently indeed. If you cannot find the trigger by your own effort, you can consult the trigger of your shyness from any expert or professionals out there. In this case, you really need to know how to deal with shyness sooner.

Next thing to know about how to battle depression or shyness is by stop the past thoughts of it. It is true that many different people have very troublesome past. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they can fall into problem in lingering to such past for the rest of their life right? The fact is that people cannot change the past in coping with shyness. Especially to deal with women, you need to forget about the past which may affect significantly to your shyness for the recent time. You can also cope with this by taking benefit from therapists.

Another consideration in how to solve problems of your shyness is by getting some pride. There will be always certain important thing for you to be proud about right? This really can help you in how to deal with shyness and to be a good lover. Don’t be afraid of the trouble which may affect to your confidence. Just be proud of it indeed. Women really love the men who have the pride. You need to learn further about this fact indeed related to shyness and love. Just be focus on your pride.

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How To Fight Anxiety

May 22nd, 2014 No comments

How To Fight Anxiety Better And Naturally

By : Max Kalalo

For any of you who often suffer from problem such as social anxiety, you really need to make sure first in how to fight anxiety. There are many efforts that you can do actually. Therefore, I really want to discuss further about how to get over shyness in this article. Basically, there are three efforts that you can do. You can choose one of this which may suit to your preferences or you can combine them in how to fight anxiety better and appropriately. Read more about the information below if you really want to know how to cope with the problem.

First basic tip in how to fight anxiety is by conducting regular exercise. In this case, you can do the daily routine for your exercise. Exercising may become a must for any of you indeed in how to get over shyness. This effort can really help you to deal with improvement for your mental health growth. Without any exercise, your body will become weak and you may suffer from terrible mental problem as the time goes by. Exercising can also provide benefit in dealing with stress hormones. This is great if you want to stay away from anxiety. This can be your basic effort in taking the cure for social anxiety.

What you can do next in how to fight anxiety is to avoid being alone. If you are alone, you may suffer from certain stressful and harmful conditions. The fact is that anxiety will be so much troublesome for any of you who look for the best quality of it. So, if it is possible, you need to avoid being alone. The more you get friends is the better treatment  for social anxiety. Lonely person often gain problem in how to change their thinking patterns. Just stay busy and stay active indeed. It can bring away the negative thoughts and in how to fight anxiety.

Next effort  on how to get over shyness is by controlling the anxiety triggers. It means that you need to understand any different symptoms of such anxiety. It will basic for any of you in fighting anxiety. Undergoing exposure therapy will be your best effort in how to fight anxiety. Relaxation will be great effort as well in how you cope with the problem out there. It is a must for any of you to recognize better in how to consult to the expert


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Cure For Social Anxiety

April 24th, 2014 No comments

Getting A Proper Cure For Social Anxiety

By : Max Kalalo

cure for social anxiety

cure for social anxiety

There are many different psychological problems that people often suffer out there. One of most troublesome will be the social anxiety. There are also many people who look for cure for social anxiety. The most common symptom is that you suffer from stressful emotions to do activities within social group. You are also afraid that they pass the judgment on you. Before you get the treatment for social phobia, you need to make sure first that you can also understand about any conditions where such problem often occurs. It is basic to know before you learn about that cure.

Let’s learn the basic about the conditions triggered of social anxiety before you look for the social phobia treatment. Usually, such problem occurs when any of you get acquainted with new friend or someone. You need also to know that such social nervousness often occurs as well when you are being judged in front of the crowd especially by critical comment. It will be bad in looking for the cure for social anxiety if you don’t know about the conditions, you need to learn first about any different treatment on how to get over shyness that you can learn about later. Just be more attentive about it indeed.

This condition is also often occurred when you are being aware observed by people when you are engaged in something. This also often occurs when you become the centre of attention. This will be basic for any of you who want to look for social anxiety cure. Different cure for social anxiety may affect differently for your quality of overall treatment. People also often suffer from social anxiety if they need to utter their opinion within a group of people. This will be your basic if you want to recognize more about it indeed. Further treatment for social phobia can be obtained from psychiatrist indeed.

Usually, people may use CBT as their social anxiety cure. This has been so much helpful to be cure for social anxiety that you need to learn about indeed. You need also to know about how to recognize people who often suffer from social anxiety. They often talk in whisper, speaking rapidly so they can stop the speech sooner. They also often avoid providing point of view to somebody else’s. They also often avoid eye contact for a period. The most common cure for social anxiety are CBT and any similar therapies.


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Treatment For Social Phobia

March 25th, 2014 No comments

The Right Treatment For Social Phobia

By : Max Kalalao

treatment for social phobia

treatment for social phobia

Social phobia can be categorized as long lasting mental disorder. Psychologists classify social media as one of chronic mental disorder. Since it is long lasting and chronic mental disorder, it needs special treatment for social phobia. The best one should be ongoing treatment in order to gain the optimal result of healing. Generally, there are two kinds of social phobia treatment. They are talk therapy or consultation with approved therapist and medication. Sometimes, therapist will combine both medication and talk therapy by using CBT technique.


Once, there is a medicine that is recommended to be given to social phobia patients. The government of U.S has approved it as the part of medical treatment. There are also other kinds of drugs that are prescribed to overcome social phobia. The drugs are beta-blockers, phenelzine, clonazepam, and many more. All these drugs are considered as antidepressant which is sufficiently effective to treat social phobia patients. The antidepressant not only can be used as the part of treatment for social phobia, but it also can be used for treat anxiety attack and panic treatment.

But for patients of social phobia who have drugs and alcohol abuse history do not suggested to consume some kind of antidepressant because it can increase the risk of physical dependence. A kind of Beta-blcokers isn’t the best drug for patients suffering asthma and some illness related to lung. Unfortunately, like other kinds of medication, there are some side effects felt by patients. But doctor will help the patients to relieve the side effects after medication. Not all social phobia patients can be better with medication as the part of treatment for social phobia. Even, there are some people suffering social phobia have experienced significant symptoms in few weeks after medication.

CBT technique (Cognitive-behavioral therapy)

Another treatment on how to get over shyness  is CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy). This kind of therapy is more effective and there is no side effect. To do this therapy, it must be done by professional therapist. A therapist will help the patient to learn how to control his/ her emotion. Therapist will also give the patients opportunity to consult with therapist. Everything felt by patients will be the materials that then it will be references for searching for the solution. Social phobia can be solved when therapist has found the causes of social phobia themselves. This kind of treatment for social phobia is easy and simple method for both therapist and patient to find out the solution of social phobia disorder. For your reference, you shall read my post about how to battle depression.

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How To Battle Depression

February 25th, 2014 No comments

The Solution On How To Battle Depression

By : Max Kalalo

how to battle depression

how to battle depression

How to battle depression may often be asked by many people who ever feel depression in their lives. Almost like so often they are unsure about the ways to not be shy, so they always ask themselves how to get over shyness, right?   People’s life is fulfilled by many routines. They have to work, study, and so on everyday. Many daily routines sometimes make them bored and even depress that can lead them in pressure. If this condition continually happens, it can be a potency of depression.  Someone who is depressed cannot get moving and she/ he feels unmotivated to do anything. Just wake up from the bed in the morning, for instance, will happen when someone is in depressed situation. So, you surely do not want to experience such a situation, right? To avoid depression, you need to know what depression in the medical world is, and how to battle depression. Below you will get complex and clear explanation related to depression.

Symptoms of depression

Depression is one kind of mental disorder. Everyone has the potency to experience depression.  Depression can attack all groups of age. So, the opinion saying that most people have experienced depressed situation is really true because people live with full of problems. A person also will get the depression in his/ or her lives directly or indirectly through his/ or her family member or a friend who has been first in depression situation. You need to know that depression happens differently from person to person. However, the signs or symptoms are very common. You also need to know that there are some symptoms that look so normal. That’s why many people do not see that they are actually depressing. The symptoms look worse if they continually happen for a long time. The symptoms of depression include helplessness, hopelessness, pessimistic, useless, and loss of interest to do something worthy. Then, how to battle depression? Are there any solutions to prevent and to overcome this mental disorder?

Treatments of depression

To know the answer of question how to battle depression, here is the info you must read. Some illness has medical healing. Diabetes, for instance, you must take insulin; when you suffer appendicitis, you must surgery, but for depression, it needs complex treatment because it is more complicated than diabetes or appendicitis. Depression is not simply illness that can be cured by medication. According to research, depression is a combination illness consisting of physiological, biological, and social factors.  There are some treatments of how to battle depression. The treatments are interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, and psychodynamic therapy. In practice, the patients will get the combination of those therapies. The aim is to get the best result of healing. However, in many cases, the best therapy for depression patients is by combining lifestyle change, social support, and emotional skill maintenance.


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Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety

January 23rd, 2014 No comments

Do Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety Work Well ?

By : Max Kalalo

homeopathic remedies for anxiety

homeopathic remedies for anxiety

When anxiety attack runs to you, you can heal yourself by doing homeopathic remedies for anxiety.  That remedies will help you to take the control of your body and mind. Perhaps, only few of you knowing what homeopathic remedies are. This is one of the great ways to cope with anxiety. For some  people,  this also works well on how to get over shyness.  That remedies now have been accepted by people who are anxiety sufferers. Main reason why this kind of anxiety treatment is well accepted is because it is non-toxic treatment. It can help anxiety sufferers to get rid of the discomfort that causes the sufferers feels so suffering. The anxiety attack is not a harmful illness. However, if it is let to exist in our mind, we have the potency to affect our health condition.

Homeopathic remedies is practiced by the expert therapist

Not all people can practice that remedies; only approved physicians who are allowed to give this kind of natural treatment to their patients. Actually, this special remedy has been practiced for long time ago, and it has been material of many researches related to anxiety attacks.  For about hundreds of remedies done by many approved physicians by using this treatment. The physicians who have the permission to practice the remedies must have medical knowledge to diagnose person’s condition. Medical knowledge then will be their main reference what kind of natural remedies should be given to the patients.

Ten prescribed homeopathic remedies for anxiety

There are ten different homeopathic remedies usually prescribed by physicians. They are argentums nitricum, Calcarea carbonica, aconitum napellus, gelsemium, ignatia amara, arsenicum album, kali phoporicum, silicea, phosphorus, and pulsatilla. Each type has the role to calm down different symptoms of anxiety attack. Argentum nitricum, for instance, is homeopathic remedies for anxiety that can help to overcome someone’s anxious before big moment such as job interview, public presentation, public appearance, and many more. Aconitum napellus is a kind of treatment for handling someone who is panic and feels intense fear.

The doctor will explain how the remedies work to you. After knowing kinds of homeopathic  remedies, now at least you will know what you should do when it truly happens to you. One thing you should do is by giving your body amount of time to respond. If the response makes you discomfort, please visit your doctor and your doctor will give homeopathic remedies for anxiety that suit with your body’s need.  The most important thing is that you don’t lose any hope. Anxiety attack may be triggered by a stressful situation.

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Ways To Cope With Anxiety

December 12th, 2013 No comments

Useful Ways To Cope With Anxiety

By : Max Kalalo

ways to cope with anxiety

ways to cope with anxiety

Thinking and thinking must be the activity, which cannot be avoided by every human being. Human brain is designed for thinking so thinking must be very normal thing to do for many people. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances when people are over thinking about something, and they will end up on the bed for hours at night without being able to close their eyes at all. This can be part of their anxiety problem, which makes them think about their job or health insurance seriously. People can just think about a lot of things and when they realize that they have to sleep, they are unable to close their eyes at all. This must be bad for their health as well as performance in the next day. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry because there are some ways to cope with anxiety which people can take.

Innovative Techniques

When people are worried about something, they will just try to avoid something they are worried about, but it will not solve the problem. The very first step of ways to cope with anxiety will be done by repeating the worry repeatedly  until it does not bring any effect. People just need to take the thoughts which are troublesome repeatedly  for 20 minutes, and they will get bored and the anxiety feeling can be beaten. Instead of controlling anxiety, people just need to make it worse by exaggerating them and just see what will happen after that. Anxiety is associated with craziness, but people can cope with the anxiety by avoiding fighting the craziness. Instead of judging, people just need to try to find the rational description. The anxiety can come with false alarm, and people have to recognize it so they can go to another place to let it pass by. People can also try an interesting way for coping with anxiety by turning it into a movie.

Further Efforts

So now you have good idea on how to get over shyness, right?   It is also important for people to set aside their worry time as ways to cope with anxiety. People can try to set aside 20 minutes of their everyday daytime  just for their worries, and it has to be scheduled. Instead of worrying about things, which are anticipated, it is better for them to surrender for the moment, so they can feel far more in control. The body can be very tense when people worry because they hold their breath. That is why people should try breathing technique, which can calm their nerves. People also have to make peace with time, so there is no more emergency feeling, which comes with the worry. People also must not let their worry to stop them from living their lives.


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