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Shyness Quotes

October 14th, 2012 No comments

Shyness Quotes Reading

By : Max Kalalo

shyness quotes

shyness quotes

Instead of comprehending long, boring scientific journals on shyness problems, some people enjoy looking through shyness quotes. Quotes are short to skim, saving people from getting bored with studying serious psychological articles. Unfortunately, anyone out there could write their own version of quotes on shyness, which generally comes from their personal experience and perspective. Still, quotes from reputable experts are available too, setting off the trashy quotes.

Being Shy In Proportion

Apart from the quality of quotes talking about shyness, feeling shy occasionally is normal, really. However, some people feel shy almost most of their times. Not only adult, lots of  kids also experience what we call shyness in children. The feeling, in fact, prevents these people from reaching out how they feel to specialists. Here is how someone felt about his or her shy feeling, back then:

“I stocked up wrong images in my head, sat myself before them, and did not have the guts to call for the truth. I was in my web of reserve and shyness.”

It takes time and courage, indeed, to deal with shyness, in any forms of its presence. Somehow, shyness has anything to do with self-esteem and confidence, as some people share their quotes here.

  • “Our feelings and thoughts about ourselves and our self-esteem influence our shyness.”
  • “When a child grows with encouragement, he or she learns confidence.”

Bye-Bye Shyness

Shyness is just a natural feeling every single person on earth is familiar with. As a quote says, shyness is an inborn modesty that is supposed to help everybody live with each other in harmony. Therefore, denying the feeling is not a good idea since people could be bluntly rude and shameless to each other. Now, it is important to switch the perspective that shyness should not be something holding back a person from his or her achievement. All everyone needs to do is set the feeling aside, let the perspiration and pride come first. Stemming from the understanding that shyness is related to self-esteem and confidence, it is important for everyone to have a good picture on his or her own self-image. Of course, no one could change the unfortunate childhood environment, when encouragement was less available, but it never be too late to build a good self-image. In addition to setting aside the shy feeling, someone needs to change his or her way of thinking. Only then, he or she could do something, such as greet, smile, make small talks, give compliments, etc. Anyway, shyness is not something too big and complicated to deal with.

Thinking about  how to deal with social anxiety, here are several quotes on what people think about shyness.

  • “Shyness is just the outcome of inferiority. I never want to offend, just my own natural awkwardness keeps me back. If only I could tell myself that all my manners are graceful and perfectly easy, I do not need to be shy.”
  • “She wishes she had all the guts, coming closer to him to say hello, or perhaps breaking his legs. She is just not sure which.”
  • “Sometimes people confuse with shyness or coldness, silence or indifference.”
  • “Shy people notice everything around, but they do not actually get noticed.” Hence, stop unnecessarily skimming on shyness quotes right now, flow out instead, okay?

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How To Get Over Shyness

August 26th, 2012 No comments

How To Get Over Shyness to be More Confident

By : Max Kalalo

how to get over shyness

how to get over shyness

If you have shy friends or families, you should help them how to get over shyness. This is because getting over shyness can help them improve their lives. You can’t imagine how the shyness badly affects their whole life. You may consider why they always ask themselves how to overcome shyness.  Many researchers have shown that shyness brings more harm than good. For example, researches have shown that shy men marry later in their lives. Furthermore, they can miss out on every opportunity to have a better life. Confident people may directly embrace every good opportunity that comes into their lives. They will be confident to take every risk of embracing the good opportunity. While, shy people usually think more and more to take the same opportunity. They may doubt to take to move on. That is why, you should help them figure out what makes them feel shy.

Figure Out What Makes them Feel Shy

The best thing you can do first to help them get over shyness is to figure out what makes them shy. The best answer of how to get over shyness is to know things that make them feel insecure so that they become shy. You have to find out whether they feel shy if they are in front of new audiences, or maybe they feel shy whenever they meet someone they admire or when they learn something new. Finding out the cause can help you handle the situation that makes them feel shy. If you have known the answer for the cause of their shyness, then you can encourage them to overcome it. Encourage them by saying, “you can do this” or “you look good” or “you’re doing great” etc. By saying such statements, they will step by step build their confident.

Build Their Self-Confidence

By giving encouragement to them, you have helped them build their confidence. Building self-confidence is the most effective way to overcome shyness. You can help them build their confidence by telling them that they are special as well. Everyone has their own uniqueness. God creates human being with their own special gift. Although it may sound cliché, In fact, it’s true. They may have something that everyone else doesn’t. Ask them to think about their specialty. Ask them to think about what they know and what they can do. They have to feel confident considering the achievement they have reached so far. Appreciating their own achievement can help them realize their value, and this will help them build their confidence.

Be Comfortable

Last thing you can suggest them to be more confident is that they should be more comfortable with themselves.  How to stop being shy is not so simple, but you can ask them not to feel nervous when they are in a new situation or when they have to be in front of new audiences. Ask them to straight their head up. Ask them not to get nervous. At first, you can accompany them first when they are in front of new audiences. Over time, they have to do it on their own. Though the method of getting over shyness like this might be difficult for them, once they have managed, they will become confident. They must feel excited when they succeed. This is the best method of how to get over shyness.

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Fear Of People

September 17th, 2011 No comments

The Need Of Managing Fear Of People

By : Max Kalalo

Somebody may have asked you:  how to overcome shyness ? In this world, there are so many things that make people feel afraid all the time. However, there are only little people who have the good management in dealing with the problem in terms of fear of people. There are so many kinds of methods that are introduced to the society in order to solve the problem about how to gain confidence. There are bundles of factors that trigger people to have this problem. Everyone has their own individual resistance.

Thus, they have their limitation in handling their fear. Thus, that is why people somehow need to learn about the method of dealing with fear of people. There will be so many bad impacts that might be occurred because of the abnormal feeling of fear towards other people. People usually feel fear when they are facing such an unexpected circumstances in their life. All they have to do is by daring their selves in facing that circumstance. Most of the psychology will suggest that in order to overcome the problem in terms of fear of people, people should face it directly. If they still get difficulty in overcoming that fear, they are highly suggested to look for psychology assistance in solving the fear problem.

There are so many bad effects that people will get by suffering the problem in term of fear of people. That fear of people will impact to their health circumstance also in the further implication then. Most of the people feel this fear when they are asked to do something that they never did before. It needs their courage to face it thoroughly. Most of the psychiatrist and also psychology have agreed that people need to defend their own selves on the first beginning in order to be brave. There is no need to be afraid of something. We should realize that each of us must be brave all the way.


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