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Define Confidence

May 24th, 2013 No comments

How To Define Confidence

By : Max Kalalo

define confidence

define confidence

I am pretty sure that we use the word confidence very often in our every day life but I am more than sure with this that even people who frequently use the word, not all of them will able to define confidence. Have you read my post about confidence definition ? So what is confidence supposed to mean? The thing is that we kind of doubt when people use certain words, they are going to be able to the essential meanings of the words. When people are able to define confidence, they will not only know the literal and surface meaning of the word confidence but also the core meaning of it and its relation with our every day life.

Defining “Confidence”

So what is the essence of the word confidence and how you will define confidence? There are at least two related ideas when it comes to the word confidence and almost every dictionary is defining the word as those two core ideas. And what is it that you will find when you look the word confidence up in a dictionary?

The first idea that comes into view when you look up the dictionary is that confidence is all about being certain of one’s abilities. It means that the it is from your inside, certain feelings that make you believe in your own abilities whether they are something you have already realized or other things that you kept inside and never shown to other people.

The second idea that can define confidence is about having trust in other people, plans, the future, or anything else that are outside of your self. The feelings are still coming from the inside but something that you believe in is not something that is yours, instead it is something that is around you whether it is living things like other people or things that are not living but still affect your life.

The Essence Meaning

If you still cannot define confidence that you just need to look it up in yourself but of course it is backed with whatever meaning you can find in the dictionary so you have some kind of background knowledge about what it is supposed to mean.

So how people will define confidence generally? Confidence is not simply a good feeling but also a judgment on others’ and our own abilities. And if you have confidence, it suggests that you also have high self assurance level which is a real good thing. I suggest you to read my post how to get over shyness for your reference.

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Confidence Definition

April 24th, 2013 No comments

Confidence Definition And Its Explanation

By : Max Kalalo

confidence definition

confidence definition

Confidence definition of experts

Confidence is a positive attitude for you. Confidence becomes an important aspect to human life. Confident attitude has a lot of benefits. Therefore confidence is one thing that should be owned by everyone to get the goal. W.H. Miskell ever writes the definition of self-confidence in his book published in 1993. Confidence definition by Miskell is “a belief in yourself and the ability to realize the potential and the ability he has and be able to utilize all the potential and ability.”

Other than that, when thinking about  how to get over shyness,   there are still some experts who define the true meaning of self-confidence from their perspective. Famous psychologist Maslow said that the definition of anxiety  is the basic capital must be owned by all people to develop self actuality. Thantaway also wrote the confidence definition which is “a   condition of a personal psychological or mental who gives a strong confidence in him to do or perform any act”

Why confidence is important

Confidence is important because with it people will be able to understand itself. Lack of confidence in one does will hinder potential that he has.

People who do not have high confidence will always scare with all the decisions he took in his life. He knows he should do but he did not do so because of the absence of confidence in him. Absence of confidence will always make people anxious about everything in his life. Lack confidence in associate closely with the anxiety shared by all people. Anxiety is normal and those that have high confidence will be able to control himself in faces any anxiety in him.

Confidence definition on above may be too difficult to understand. By reading the definition of anxiety  will not be able to raise a person’s self confidence. Confidence is a feeling that should always be in the hearts and minds of fertilizer because confidence does not just show up. Especially in people who are shy.

To understand the confidence definition then at least people know and will learn how to achieve it. People who have confidence have a confident attitude on the ability itself. The conviction came when he knows exactly what he needs in his life. Confidence is slowly emerging because they know what is expected to achieve in life and certainly had to work hard. Anyway, for your refference , you may read my post about anxiety definition.

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