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What Helps Anxiety

Live Well Without Anxiety : What Helps Anxiety ?

By : Max Kalalo

Nervousness, stress and anxiety are something that you can’t avoid when you are dealing with your work, personal relationships and other daily activities. Although it is unavoidable, it does not mean it cannot be reduce. Read more to find out what is anxiety and what helps anxiety to reduce in this article.

Anxiety Problem

Anxiety is a natural feeling when we are faced with new challenge or unpredictable events. In normal cases, anxiety actually helps us to realize danger and makes us more sensitive in other people’s feeling and needs. People with anxiety are not considered having mental illness, unless their level of anxiety is extreme. Extreme level of anxiety can lead to other mental disorders such as social phobia, paranoia or schizophrenia. For further tips , you can read my articles shyness and love and how to get over shyness for your refference.

Anxiety problem usually occurs to people with perfectionist personality. Perfectionism demands someone to control and do everything perfectly. For those people, 100 mean success while 99 means failure. If there are things that are uncontrollable, they will feel anxious and stressed out. People with anxiety problem are encouraged to ask for professional helps because they need to realize that you can’t control life.

How to Reduce Anxiety

Severe anxiety is not healthy for your psychological state and is not easy to cure. However, a normal anxiety is much easier to deal with. Knowing what helps anxiety to reduce is the solution. Here are some simple steps to cope with anxiety.

  • Sweat it out

Exercise is a healthy way to relieve anxiety. You can do any sport your like, swimming, basketball, biking, running, it doesn’t matter. Exercise release natural antidepressant that will definitely boost your mood.

  • Watch movies

Psychologists believe that we can practice mindfulness and reduce our anxiety by distracting our thought. The best way to distract your mind from negative imagination is by watching movies. So, enjoy your favorite movie and forget your problems for a while.

  • Exaggerate your greatest fear

Although it sounds ridiculous, it actually helps! What helps anxiety to develop is actually the cure itself. Talk to your best friend and tell your greatest fear in the most exaggerated way. Repeat it for three or four times and you will find the more you tell it, the more funny it sounds. The result is you will laugh your fear off and forget about it.

  • Eat mood boosting foods

To get you back your good mood, try to eat more nuts, milk, yogurt, tart cherries, berries and broth soups. These foods are proved to help you to forget your anxiety and be happy. Ice cream with berries is our recommendation.


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