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Treatment For Social Phobia

The Right Treatment For Social Phobia

By : Max Kalalao

treatment for social phobia

treatment for social phobia

Social phobia can be categorized as long lasting mental disorder. Psychologists classify social media as one of chronic mental disorder. Since it is long lasting and chronic mental disorder, it needs special treatment for social phobia. The best one should be ongoing treatment in order to gain the optimal result of healing. Generally, there are two kinds of social phobia treatment. They are talk therapy or consultation with approved therapist and medication. Sometimes, therapist will combine both medication and talk therapy by using CBT technique.


Once, there is a medicine that is recommended to be given to social phobia patients. The government of U.S has approved it as the part of medical treatment. There are also other kinds of drugs that are prescribed to overcome social phobia. The drugs are beta-blockers, phenelzine, clonazepam, and many more. All these drugs are considered as antidepressant which is sufficiently effective to treat social phobia patients. The antidepressant not only can be used as the part of treatment for social phobia, but it also can be used for treat anxiety attack and panic treatment.

But for patients of social phobia who have drugs and alcohol abuse history do not suggested to consume some kind of antidepressant because it can increase the risk of physical dependence. A kind of Beta-blcokers isn’t the best drug for patients suffering asthma and some illness related to lung. Unfortunately, like other kinds of medication, there are some side effects felt by patients. But doctor will help the patients to relieve the side effects after medication. Not all social phobia patients can be better with medication as the part of treatment for social phobia. Even, there are some people suffering social phobia have experienced significant symptoms in few weeks after medication.

CBT technique (Cognitive-behavioral therapy)

Another treatment on how to get over shyness  is CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy). This kind of therapy is more effective and there is no side effect. To do this therapy, it must be done by professional therapist. A therapist will help the patient to learn how to control his/ her emotion. Therapist will also give the patients opportunity to consult with therapist. Everything felt by patients will be the materials that then it will be references for searching for the solution. Social phobia can be solved when therapist has found the causes of social phobia themselves. This kind of treatment for social phobia is easy and simple method for both therapist and patient to find out the solution of social phobia disorder. For your reference, you shall read my post about how to battle depression.

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