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Ways To Cope With Anxiety

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Useful Ways To Cope With Anxiety

By : Max Kalalo

ways to cope with anxiety

ways to cope with anxiety

Thinking and thinking must be the activity, which cannot be avoided by every human being. Human brain is designed for thinking so thinking must be very normal thing to do for many people. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances when people are over thinking about something, and they will end up on the bed for hours at night without being able to close their eyes at all. This can be part of their anxiety problem, which makes them think about their job or health insurance seriously. People can just think about a lot of things and when they realize that they have to sleep, they are unable to close their eyes at all. This must be bad for their health as well as performance in the next day. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry because there are some ways to cope with anxiety which people can take.

Innovative Techniques

When people are worried about something, they will just try to avoid something they are worried about, but it will not solve the problem. The very first step of ways to cope with anxiety will be done by repeating the worry repeatedly  until it does not bring any effect. People just need to take the thoughts which are troublesome repeatedly  for 20 minutes, and they will get bored and the anxiety feeling can be beaten. Instead of controlling anxiety, people just need to make it worse by exaggerating them and just see what will happen after that. Anxiety is associated with craziness, but people can cope with the anxiety by avoiding fighting the craziness. Instead of judging, people just need to try to find the rational description. The anxiety can come with false alarm, and people have to recognize it so they can go to another place to let it pass by. People can also try an interesting way for coping with anxiety by turning it into a movie.

Further Efforts

So now you have good idea on how to get over shyness, right?   It is also important for people to set aside their worry time as ways to cope with anxiety. People can try to set aside 20 minutes of their everyday daytime  just for their worries, and it has to be scheduled. Instead of worrying about things, which are anticipated, it is better for them to surrender for the moment, so they can feel far more in control. The body can be very tense when people worry because they hold their breath. That is why people should try breathing technique, which can calm their nerves. People also have to make peace with time, so there is no more emergency feeling, which comes with the worry. People also must not let their worry to stop them from living their lives.


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