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Introvert Personality

What Is Introvert Personality

By : Max Kalalo

introvert personality

introvert personality

Introvert personality is a kind of personality which shows that someone attention focus on their own world or inner mine mind mentality than on the external world or reality. According to the book The Introvert Advantage written by Dr Marti Olsen Laney, a psychotherapist, this mental disorder can happen to 25 percents of population. It means that its possibility is quite high and it can attack anybody. So by understanding about this, someone can learn on how to treat it better so it can be cured. Commonly it is identified by the close personality and those who suffered from it will enjoy their own world.

Do You Have Introvert Personality?

We are born with different and unique characteristic. If you want to know much and deeply about yourself, you have to know yourself well like your drives as well as your inhibitions. You can do this process through the introspection. You know conducting introspection is very difficult to do since it needs discipline to take care of the inherent reticence of your mind. If you like to sit quietly than go out to socialize and if you have less deep relationship, it can show that you may get or you may have the introvert personality.

As individual, you are unique. You were born to play your own role. Even you exist in the world is due to the unique job you need to do. If you have these below conditions:

  • Whether you are short or tall
  • Thin or fat
  • Dark or light skinned
  • Extrovert or introvert

You will be still special and you are deserved to get self appreciation as well as love. If you live in the society which most of them are extrovert, the extrovert personality will be more appreciated. You need to know that actually introvert personality is not a kind of disorder or disease. Even it can be better if the one who has it may have the religious personality.

Proper Place For Introvert Personality

Actually the ones with this kind of personality can live normally if the environment where they live can accept them. With supporting environment they can get their own life style and choose the way for their own live. They will know themselves especially their talent like the skill of painting, writing, finance, business, and many more which can be developed to be their professions which will be very useful in their life. In simple words, people with introvert personality can survive in their life with their all characteristics.

Even though it is often said that people with this kind of personality will be shy, awkward, and lonely, actually they have the power to make relationship with somebody else who according to them special. They will give their time and their affection totally. If you have a friend with introvert personality, it means that you have something precious which can make them interested.

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