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Define Introvert

Learning About The Word “Define Introvert”

By : Max Kalalo

define introvert

define introvert

There is no single person in this world that can define introvert definitely. You might be able to look it up in a dictionary but of course it will only explain the literal meaning of the word introvert. But maybe we can rely on the explanation of psychologists quite a bit because they are not trying to explain the word but they try to give more of an explanation of the word’s relation with the real context that we often find in our every day life. And this is also becoming the reason why one people cannot define introvert the same way as other people because the have different view on the world.

All about Introvert

Thinking about introvert personality, firstly we have to know that being an introvert is not that bad and secondly, introversion is a personal trait so people can be born with this trait, develop this trait throughout the years when they are growing up, or it is actually the effect of other personal traits that someone posses. And based on that information maybe you can now try to define introvert on your own? If it is possible because at least you have already got a little background knowledge about the word?

The term itself along with another term which is quite the opposite of introversion which is extroversion was popularized by a person named Carl Jung but of course with the change of era and all, the understanding and the usage of both terms have been quite different from what his original intent is.

Both terms are often being viewed as a continuum which means when someone is high on one thing it means that they will be low on the other thing. So when people define introvert as a person that has several characteristics that are quite the opposite of an extrovert, it can also be true.

Defining “Introvert”

Too make it simple, sometimes people will only try to define introvert by listing the common characteristics that an introvert shows. It could also be a very good answer when you do not know exactly hoe you will be able to define the word.

And now, if we ask you what is meant by introvert, what would be your answer? Have you any idea on how to get over shyness? Will you try to define introvert based on what a dictionary tell you? And for me personally, introvert is a person that enjoy being alone in his own world but not necessary shy.

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