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Anxiety Definition

Several Of Anxiety Definition

By : Max Kalalo

anxiety definition

anxiety definition

Anxiety definition from the expert

Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of fear in a matter that will affect a person’s attitude. Quick reference dictionary for occupational therapy say that definition of anxiety is a symptom of someone who is characterized by tremendous fear and thought that adverse events will soon befall him. Mental disorder is a disease marked by chronic anxiety in its infancy.

Kaplan, H. and Sadock, B also defines the anxiety definition. According to their opinion, definition of the anxiety is the feeling of someone who is on the mark with diffuse fun, fears that appear vague and will continue to grow along with the abandonment anxiety and or no treatment to cure it, that feeling in accompanied by symptoms such as autonomic headaches, palpitations, sweating, tightness in the chest, abdomen and discomfort. People who are madly in anxiety often feel uneasy myself and not be silent for quite a long time.

Definition of medical worries

Whereas according to the medical anxiety definition is a state of fusion of psychological symptoms and physical symptoms brought on by the fear of a life-threatening case considered one sufferer. Physical symptoms such psychology can vary according to the nature of the patient and the extent of the threat they feel. For your reference , read also my post about social anxiety disorder test. From much different definition of the anxiety it can be concluded that excessive anxiety is the fear of unpleasant.

Anxiety definition of generalized

Definition of the anxiety is a normal response of the body to a series of life experiences as a self-protection mechanism that automatically appear and develop good to stop us going into a dangerous situation and make us have a variety of possibilities for

Escape from bad things and apart from it.

Anxiety disorders can include phobic anxiety disorder, panic disorder are excessive, and the trauma of a thing If anxiety makes the sufferer becomes weak and continued to increase to the stage of chronic anxiety disorder that further treatment should be done. Anxiety disorder can develop very high psychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, an overactive thyroid gland and alcohol withdrawal.

The above anxiety definition and description in the hope anyone can find out what it is and how to get over shyness when it happen to us or those we love before symptoms become heavy and getting worse.

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