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Fear Of People Phobia

November 25th, 2013 No comments

More About Fear Of People Phobia

By : Max Kalalo

fear of people phobia

fear of people phobia

Anthropophobia is also called fear of people phobia but still there are even so many people who misunderstood this phobia with social phobia. People simply think that phobia which is associated with the fear of people is like the fear which appears when people have to do social situation such as public speaking or even eating in front of other people. In fact, it is social phobia and the phobia which is associated with fear of people can be triggered when someone is only accompanied by one other person. It can go to extreme case, which makes them only communicate with other people using text messaging or email. It is important to diagnose the phobia condition properly so the treatment can be taken correctly as well.

Causes and Symptoms

Those who are thinking of how to get over shyness may have this phobia,  which usually comes from the previous experience, and the fear of people phobia risk development can be increased with the previous experience. Are you the one who always thinks of the ways to not be shy?  Well, people can have this phobia when they become a violent crime victim. They can also have this phobia because of bullying or abuse experience, whether physically or emotionally. The risk can also be increased by the health condition associated with mental or neurological. Various causes can make people suffer of this phobia, but it is not necessary for finding the cause to treat the phobia. It is more important to find the symptoms as soon as possible. The simplest symptoms can be found with the sweating and shaking body when they are spending time with other people. It can be followed by the difficulty to breathe normally, racing heart pulse, and difficulty to speak. This phobia can get worse symptoms, including the worry by judging every single they do or say, difficulty to make eye contact even with close friends, sleeping trouble, and canceling upcoming events because of the stress and worry.


Other phobias can respond to various treatment methods. When the fear of people phobia problem is caught in earlier stage, there will be a therapy session for learning about the way to replace the thoughts which are full of fear to the thoughts which is full of positivity. If a stronger trigger of anxiety can be found, they need to take behavioral training, including systematic desensitization. If people are suffering of extreme anxiety phobia, they have to take therapy session much longer with the therapist for finding the progress. Anxiety can be a great problem in their lives, but as long as they are patient, persistence, and work hard, even the most extreme fear of people case can be solved.

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