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Overcoming Shyness

August 26th, 2011 No comments

What Are Important To Do For Overcoming Shyness

By : Max Kalalo

When you are a shy person, you may often ask yourself:  how to overcome shyness. You will know how it feels like whenever you are around people, especially new people. You will probably stare at the floor and will not want to face other people. You will probably wait for others to greet you instead of having the initiative to greet them first. However, inside, you probably want to be that person in the center of the room who talks freely with the girl he just met before. You probably want to have the real conversation. Well then, you know that you have to be able to overcome your shyness. How to not be shy?

Overcoming shyness is not as difficult as you think. Well, the first step is to understand what you think about yourself first. You have to know how you feel. Do you feel that you are subordinated? Do you think that people are cooler? Well, you have to erase that thought. Everyone has their own problem. They may look cooler, but probably they are not as smart as you are, or not as kind as you are. You have to stop the thoughts that you are not as good as them. Then, you have to ask yourself, do you think that other people keep on staring at you and watching every move you make? Well, they do not. They probably do the same thing. They overlook at their own selves they do not have time to think about you. And overcoming shyness will be done after you stop labeling your own self as a shy person.

Well, if those are what you feel about yourself, you have to stop the negative thoughts. Overcoming shyness can be done after you know what happen to your feeling. After that, you can cure it. The most important thing is that loving you. You have to really enjoy your own self. In so doing, you have to forget what should or shouldn’t wear or do which you know from other people. You have to do anything in your own style. And after that, you can succeed on overcoming shyness and get out of your shyness.

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How To Not Be Shy

August 26th, 2011 No comments

What You Should Understand About How To Not Be Shy

By : Max Kalalo

There are many problems that are faced by people in facing their social life. For example: how to overcome shyness. Because shyness is one of the serious problems faced by people, especially by young people. It is more serious about young people because it is their time to make as many friends as possible when they are in school and have to face the same thing every day. When a kid becomes really shy, she or he will be shut down to the social life. The level of this shutting down can be various. And this can be really depressing. Sometimes shy people will hold it back to themselves. And when young people can have many problems in their life, they will need some friends to share. That is why it is important to know how to not be shy.

It is so that they can have a real social life. The existence of social media in the internet somehow makes this problem seem harder. It is because people who do not really have real life will run to it when they should have the real relationship with people. To help them to get out of their shyness, people should know how to not be shy. And before they do that, they will need to understand what makes them feel shy. The most common thing is that they are having a weak image about themselves. They think that they are, to put it harsh, a loser. The second, they think that people concern too much about themselves. They think that people observe them so much. The third is that they admit that they are shy, and they get use to it.

The first step to overcome this shyness is by trying to love them. They should know that they are amazing in a different way. They should also understand that no one really pay attention to everything they do because everyone seems to have their own occupation on themselves. By knowing how to not be shy, people can learn to enjoy their own self. So, why so worry on what people think about you?

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