overcoming shyness

How To Get Over Shyness

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How To Get Over Shyness: Facts And Ways To Learn About The Disorder

By : Max Kalalo

how to get over shyness

how to get over shyness

Are you a shy person and are you always thinking about the correct ways on how to get over shyness? If you do, then you are in the chronic and serious stage of your social psychological behavior. On the contrary, to what people believe, shyness can really bring serious effects to your life. You may not get the social life that you want. You may not be able to mingle and interact well with people that you may not be familiar with. You cannot make new friends easily, and you may be awkward being in a new setting and environment. You certainly don’t want to have limited scope of friends and not being able to enjoy social lives, do you? If you want to change things, and you really want to know how to stop being shy, then you need to do something about it.

Shyness and Its Hindrance

Being shy is basically normal. It is actually good because it will prevent you from doing something silly or humiliating yourself. Shyness is somehow the mind’s defense mechanism  that prevents you from doing something crazy or being careless and running wild. However, some people may experience extreme shyness that prevents them from socializing with other people. Some of the symptoms are close to panic attack signs where people just experience sudden freeze and inability to speak or behave correctly. In some cases where extreme shyness occurs, people tend to avoid awkward situation by choosing not to interact with new people at all. They prefer to hang out only with the people they know and avoid meeting new people because they know that they will experience uncomfortable feeling and situation.

People with extreme shyness can really feel the extreme toll. Some of them may prefer not to meet new people; some of the extreme ones even prefer even not to leave the house because they can’t bear the thought of having to meet new people and maybe converse with people they don’t know. Not only they don’t know how to act and behave in front of those new people; they get nervous and even a bit scared and intimidated by the thought of having to see and talk with new people. They really don’t know  how to not be shy .  In any group, they are the shy one, do never say a word  , just listen and just stand there doing nothing. They are always nervous, tense  and anxious in social situations. Since the feeling is truly uncomfortable, they really limit themselves to socialize only with the people they know. That’s why you need to find out how to get over shyness if you want to expand your social life, and you aren’t restricted by your condition.  Well, how to not be shy then ?

Shyness as Social and Behavioral Disorder

Sometimes, extreme shyness can be considered as a social and behavioral disorder. Shyness as a social disorder can lead to other psychological issues such as panic attack or agoraphobia. When you feel ‘forced’ to deal with uncomfortable situation where you need to see new people and just being within the companion of other unfamiliar faces, you can experience panic attack. If this condition is left untreated, you can suffer from agoraphobia where you don’t even want to leave your house because being with other unfamiliar people will make you feel threatened. When it comes to how to stop being shy, you can ask for medical assistance or therapies. Since it mostly deals with psychological aspect, therapies and medication are often implemented.

The Effect of Extreme Shyness

You may not realize it, but the effect of extreme shyness can really bring huge impact in your lives, such as:

  • You have no social life. Going to hang out casual events is scary for you.
  • You don’t have many friends. How are you going to make friends if you are always terrified with the idea of meeting new people?
  • You don’t know how to make friends.
  • You don’t know how to keep a conversation going on; let alone making it stay interesting.
  • You are always tensed and nervous. You often feel insecure.
  • In social setting and event, you are always the quiet one with no friends around you.

You need to know how to get over shyness if you want to be free from these issues.

The Causes for Shyness

Shyness can result from genetic traits, but most of the times; it is the result of several factors that have been going on in your life. The most common causes for shyness and the extreme cases are:

  • Parental influence. Parents who are having extreme shyness issue can influence their kids by behaving the same.
  • Aggressive parents. This will influence the child’s way of thinking by considering other people to be hostile and dangerous. These children will end up having high level of defense mechanism.
  • Humiliating experience. Past humiliating experience can make a person has serious shyness issue.
  • Critical parents or relatives.
  • Cold families. Families who have never shown affection or care will make their kids turn to be shy people.
  • Embarrassing family issues. Family is a critical part in one’s life. If you have family issue that is considered embarrassing, and you won’t let other people know about it, you will try as best as you can to cover it up. It doesn’t allow you to open up yourself to other people.

If you know to overcome these causes, you can learn about how to get over shyness without changing who you are.

How To Get Over Shyness

overcoming shyness

overcoming shyness

If you want to learn the successful ways of how to stop being shy, you don’t need to have medical treatments, therapies, or medications. You only need to change how your mind set works and how to perceive yourself. You can change things like, weak and uncontrollable self-image or how you label yourself into something very positive and encouraging.  If you have the book that can show you how to look deeper into yourself and understand why you are being shy, you likely be able to change the situation and be a more confident person without changing your true self-core.   The real techniques and methods on how to not be shy can be shown in the book.

After following my tips on how to stop being shy  , you will go from being a lonely “invisible” guy  to become a much more popular and extroverted one.    Imagine, when you walk into a room with several friends, you make everyone in the room turn their heads ! You now have a social life , a group of friends, and also a girlfriend – something you thought would never happen!

So, if you are ready to change yourself and see the new you – with more confidence and self-respect – you should really have and read the book of I offer here that would guide you on your path in learning how to get over shyness.

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